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Welcome to Human Capital Department LTD, a leading HR consultancy and training company based in the United Kingdom. As experts in human capital management, we provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to organizations across the UK and around the globe. With a team of skilled HR professionals, we assist businesses in optimizing their human resources to drive growth, productivity, and organizational success. Our wide range of services includes strategic HR consulting, talent acquisition, employee engagement, leadership development, and training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. Trust Human Capital Department LTD to elevate your workforce to new heights through our industry-leading expertise, cutting-edge techniques, and a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving HR landscape.


Discover how our Human Capital Department can help your business thrive by harnessing the power of your people. Our innovative solutions and expertise in talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement will drive your organization’s success.

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Our values


we commit to meeting, or exceeding your expectations; we will do a good job, on time and within the agreed budget.


we retain a positive attitude and work relentlessly and tirelessly for and on behalf of our clients.


motivated and committed people provide sustainable competitive advantage-we help clients get the best from their people.


we bring innovative approaches to help you address age- old people problems, seeking first to listen and understand before proposing a solution.


Recruiting , Retaining and Developing Talent is the essence of our business.

Added Value

we provide a value for money proposition that is hard to match. We may not be the cheapest but our unrivalled expertise and commitment means that we are the best value for money in the IIR Consultancy market.


our Human Capital Que Diligence" identifies gaps in capability of the first tier management team. This snapshot enables us to de iver interventions that build capability of the management team.


We are a British company that specialises in humanresources consultancy services, offering solutions andadvice to organizations worldwide. With a talentedteam of HR professionals, Human Capital DepartmentLtd. delivers a range of services, including talentmanagement, employee engagement, leadershipdevelopment, and HR strategy. Our expertise andcommitment to excellence have helped us build astrong reputation in the industry, and we are known forproviding customized solutions to meet our clients’specific needs. As a global consultancy firm, we have adeep understanding of the HR challenges andopportunities across different regions and cultures,making us a valuable partner for businesses looking tomake the most of their human capital.

Our Story

Having worked in Human Resources Management for most of their working lives, Founder Peter Lawrence, and Co-Director, Rod Lee, saw a gap in the market; to provide the high quality Operational and Strategic HR Support to Small & Medium Sized Businesses that is enjoyed by larger corporates.

We believe People Management expertise provides a key competitive advantage for SME businesses, and that many smaller companies do not have the resources and depth of expertise needed to manage the Human Resources function and this can hinder growth.

Our Approach

Discover how our innovative strategies and solutions can help you harness the power of your workforce to drive business success. With our expertise in human capital Department, we can assist you in optimizing your talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies.